Mesón del Zapallar

Designed Logotype and promotional materials for the upscale Chilean restaurant "El Mesón de Zapallar"

Role: Ideation | Research | Visual Designer


  • Improve the business’s image to re–position the restaurant


  • Designed logo
  • Applied visual identity in promotional material


  • With the new environment and elegant menus the restaurant was able to raise their revenues

Process and Design

The area of Zapallar had gotten touristy and the restaurant's owner wanted to place his restaurant apart from the loud and crowded places, into a more pleasant upscale culinary experience. He also wanted to the redesign to communicate the restaurant’s commitment towards the local fishermen’s community, the environment and Chilean’s culinary traditions.
I started by sketching the logo, the space of the restaurant, worked close with a Chilean photographer, who would photograph the fishermen, places, etc.


With the logo defined I started working on the promotional material. I used imagery of fresh caught fish or the fishermen at work, to communicate the freshnes of the ingredients and the restaurant’s appreciation for the fishermen that for years purveyed the restaurant with quality ingredients.