Pandereta is a sound application that allows the user to navigate the Pandereta’s Valley by recording, mixing, saving and sharing sounds found in their environment. It engages the users in social interactions outside home and school. Work in progress

Role: Ideation | Research


  • Foster children’s creative and authentic engagement with technology by inviting them to gather, mix and share sounds found in their environment with friends who live near by.


  • Planning the scope of the project
  • Paper prototyping
  • Created user flow maps
  • Designed UI and Visuals


  • The impact intended with the pandereta project was achieved when users engaged in discovering the potential for them when they use technology in their physical environment.


Products like Pokemon Go and Nike Plus had set ways to use technology to bring people outdoors and keep them engaged. These are some of the objectives of the Pandereta. The first part of my research starts with the observations of children’s after–school activities and noticing how they spends too much time indoors.
Then I created paper prototypes to answer questions like what was going to be the trigger, that would motivate children to play outside, which actions do they take, what is their investment and what could be the rewards.

A user flow map was drawn out of the first insights like the desire of children to combine efforts by wanting their productions to be editable by another friend. It was clear the value of facilitating “community”; first user records a sound, share it with a friend, the friend mix her sound and send it back totally transformed, again she could add or discard the new creation.

First sketches showing screens interactions. Here the trigger to action, in the form of a notification and the recording of sounds.